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NXB provide solutions from concept design stage to execution stage with other services such as structural designs, MEP, cost and energy analysis.

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Our team has experience of precast projects and one of the partner comes from SKANSKA as a spin off, StruEngineers is a Sweden-based company, collaborated with Sahyog Designway.

Main purpose of this collaboration is to provide turnkey design solutions under one roof. It will help clients to get best services as a multinational work environment.

Why to adopt Precast?

Productivity Improvement

Fabrication of PPVC can proceed in parallel in the factory while other worksite activities are ongoing to streamline the construction process.

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Reduction of on-site manpower

More construction off-site leads to less time on-site and fewer individual man-hours working at height.

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Better construction environment

As more activities are done off-site, a reduction of environment pollution can be ensured as dust and noise pollution are potentially minimised.

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Better quality control

PPVC delivers the majority of the final product from the controlled factory environment leading to increased reliability with higher-quality finishing.

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NXB : A collaborative initiative of

” There is a gap of knowledge-based engineering company and architects who understands Precast technology. One can ask biggest problem of any construction company, It is coordination between structural and architectural consultants.

We being a leading precast consulting company, takes an initiative to fill this gap and collaborate with Sahyog Designway. They understood importance of precast friendly layouts and how to construct economically.

We together will ensure that our clients will get comprehensive solutions under one roof and they need not to chase various agencies. We look forward to provide best solutions with value engineering economically.”

Mr. Suhas Mohol,
Managing Director,
StruEngineers India Pvt Ltd

In the fast moving world of technology, we need to adapt to new construction methods in the architecture field as well. Precast gives us the possibility where normal construction methods are proved futile.

The paradigm shift is required in the manner, we think about precast construction technology. There is vast difference in terms of quality control and delivery time compared to conventional construction practice.

Through this collaboration with StruEngineers, who are leading precast consultants, a comprehensive solution under one umbrella will be provided. Our commitment to provide fresh, innovative design solutions to clients and most important providing sustainable solution

Mr. Anand Saboo,
Sahyog Design Way Pvt Ltd